Corruption, Fraud, & Cover-Up
in Branford Town Hall

As part of an ongoing vendetta against citizen Wayne Cooke to prevent Costco from building on his property, the group BCRD infiltrates the Inland Wetlands Department to fraudulently insert its agenda into Costco’s independent peer review. Aligned with BCRD is Branford’s Economic Development Director, who has consistently used his position to prevent Costco building on the Cooke property at Exit 56.

The Inland Wetlands Department Director, Commission Chairman, and consultants Milone & MacBroom, doctor the independent peer review to insert BCRD’s agenda and deny Costco’s approval on the Cooke property. Upon discovery of the fraud, Costco withdraws from the wetlands process and does not return, later telling property owners the town is “corrupt” and “untrustworthy”.

The First Selectman and Town Attorney
cover up the fraud and–with Costco now demanding property owner concessions—steer Costco to Exit 53 and Exit 54. Town Hall dishonestly states that Costco left Exit 56 because of “excess costs” although no such concerns existed before the fraud was discovered and no cost analysis was ever presented.